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Double head cutting saw machine

Double head cutting saw machine




The machine is used for cutting aluminum alloy profiles in angel -45°,~90°,~45°.

The linear feeding way and gas-liquid damping cylinder assures blade cutting is even and stable. 

The two saw heads adopts linear guide rail pair. 

One machine is with two applications in cutting profiles and end corner profiles. (to be customized).

The machine’s structure is of excellent rigidity and reliability, wide cutting range,high precision, easy operation, . 

The circuit system has the motor phase sequence and missing protection, increase the system’s security.

Technical Parameters:

Power       3.2 kw.

Voltage       380V, 50 Hz

Cutting Angle -45°, ~90°,~45°

Machine Size 4500 x 1200 x 1400mm

Weight       1200kg