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Hydraulic punching machine(Heavy-type)

Hydraulic punching machine(Heavy-type)



The machine adopts hydraulic control, with smooth and reliable running. 

The machine adopts hydraulic control and punching mechanical principle, punching the V-type excess profiles. 

The saws blades are made by special alloy, with characteristics of anti-toughness, enhanced rigidity, stability, not broken, smooth operation, high efficiency and high precision. 


Technical Parameters:

Power        1.5kw / 2.2 kw

Voltage        380V, 50Hz

Speed        1400 rpm

Oil        Hydraulic oil

Oil Box Volume   50L

Cutting Thickness 1.5mm / 3.5mm

Cutting Width   1.5 x 65 x 25mm

Stroke        50 times / minute

Machine Size 1500 x 600 x 500mm

Weight       150kg