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Pneumatic double-axis tenon milling machine

Pneumatic double-axis tenon milling machine



This machine adopts two-axis cutter system, no need to customize blade, tenon cutting and processing, easy operation. 

With excellent pneumatic pneumatic-driven cooling system,easy operation and satisfying processing effects. 

The cutter system and bearing holder are in precision processing technology, with more smooth rotation, lower noise and smaller vibration. 

Technical Parameters:

Power       2 x 2.2 kw

Voltage       380V, 50Hz

Motor speed 2800 rpm

Cutter axis speed 3300 rpm

Work table size 450mm x 380mm

Milling height 70mm

Profile number 6-10 pcs

Work Pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa 

Weight       120kg

Machine size 1250mm x 720mm x 1650mm