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Pneumatic end face tenon milling machine

Pneumatic end face tenon milling machine



This machine is used for processing different shapes of end face tenons of various aluminum doors, windows, glass-reinforced plastic doors and windows and curtain walls with different cutting tools.

Complete one-pass routing and milling on the end face of tenon profiles.

With unique high-precision guide rail with multi-point support, strong rigidity,  

ensuring the machine’s precision and stability

With pneumatic feeding, smooth operation, and stepless speed.

Technical Parameters:

Millling stoke       400mm

Pressing way       Pneumatic cutting

Woke table stroke 230 x 300mm

Motor power       1.5kw/ 2.2kw

Voltage            220V

Woke pressure       0.6mpa-0.8mpa

Milling blade size Upon request

Machine size       870mm x 550mm x 1170mm

Machine weight       150kg